“Daddy never wanted me here”: Claire Williams says critics misinformed

Former Williams F1 manager Claire Williams faced a lot of criticism throughout her time at the team founded by her father.

She never responded much to this criticism. But, after the family was forced to sell the team in 2020 to keep it afloat, she hoped to eliminate some misconceptions.

“I worked with my father and that was one of the reasons I was in the job, because we are a family team and the people at Williams wanted the next generation of Williams to come and run the team and the family to always be involved,” she said.

“That was the whole point. So anyone who criticises the fact that I took over from my father completely misses the importance of family and of the future generations.”

She said that her father, Frank Williams was always hesitant to get his children involved in the team.

“Daddy was clear enough; he was not into nepotism and did not want his children to be work at Williams. 

“My older brother was already working there and he didn’t like that his sister could work there one day. 

“But fortunately, after about three months of lobbying on the part of the marketing manager at the time, Dad reluctantly agreed to let me take over as marketing test. 

“And then of course the rest is history. I was still there some twenty years later. 

“I have always done what I was asked to do and I would have been happy to have worked for 20 years as a press officer at Williams. 

“It was a great place to work. It was such a privilege. I enjoyed every minute of it,” she said.

American company Dorilton Capital took over Williams in 2020, but retained its name.  

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