Damon Hill explains the biggest game-changer for Sebastian Vettel – “After that dark spell at Ferrari”

Sebastian Vettel had his most difficult Formula 1 phase when he was with Ferrari where he was constantly underperforming.

After his exit from the outfit, there were questions that were being raised about the German’s future in the sport.

But through his unfortunate downfall, his current team, Aston Martin, decided to give Vettel a chance to prove himself beyond the 2020 season.

‘Old Seb’ returns

Sebastian Vettel after finishing on the podium in Baku. Source: planetf1.com

While Vettel did not have a picture-perfect start with Aston Martin, he took his time to understand and get used to his new car.

However, since the Monaco Grand Prix, there has been a significant improvement in his performance and he hit the peak in Baku.

His driving at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix left his critics silent and his admirers got a glimpse of ‘the old Seb’ after he won his first podium with the British team.

Vettel much happier at Aston Martin

During the F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast, the host Tom Clarkson mentioned that even though Vettel spent almost seven years with Ferrari, he has been much happier with Aston Martin.

“I think Sebastian Vettel is happier now than he was at any period in his Ferrari career. I think this is the happiest Seb we’ve seen since 2013,” he said.

Former Formula 1 driver, Damon Hill, agreed with this theory and claimed that Vettel’s dark spell has finally ended.

Vettel during his old glory days. Source: formula1.com

Hill went on to state that with the help of Aston Martin, Vettel was able to come out of what was a very ‘complicated mess’ back in 2020.

What did the former driver say?

“I agree with that. He’s coming out of that dark spell because he did have an awful lot of bad luck a few races back,” he said.

“But, you know, he’s come out of this complicated mess that he found himself in in Ferrari. So, quite difficult to get to that point in your career, and thinking to yourself, ‘Am I on the scrappy?’

“But he’s clearly not. He’s the old Seb, He’s come alive again in the Aston Martin team.”

Vettel’s game is improving

Even though 2021 did not have the start that Vettel had hoped for, his last two races have been significantly better.

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Vettel managed to finish at P5 while in Baku, he finished P2 even after starting outside the top 10.

As a result, the German has been able to score 28 points till now in the 2021 season.

Will the four-time world champion be able to keep up his pace heading over to the French Grand Prix? Only time will tell.

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