Damon Hill snubs Lewis Hamilton in selection of the greatest British driver ever

Former world champion Damon Hill has snubbed Lewis Hamilton as the greatest English driver ever.

Hill believes there is someone else who is the greatest. This driver seems to be his favourite, and his name is Nigel Mansell.

It was Mansell’s birthday recently, and Hill took to Twitter to wish the legend. His tweet had him wish him well, and then say he is the best racer Britain has ever had.

Hill tweeted, “Happy birthday, Nige. Still think you’re the best racer we ever had!”

Hill’s comments, while it is his personal opinion, may stir up a debate. There exists a certain Sir Lewis Hamilton. For all of Mansell’s achievements, Hamilton is more decorated, and is in fact level on world titles with Michael Schumacher, who many consider to be the greatest driver ever. It could also be inferred that Hamilton, at this stage of his career, has posted better numbers than Mansell.

Greatness and choice

With Hamilton signing a two-year deal with Mercedes, it is pretty obvious that he is going to try and cross the seven-title mark. He is on course to doing just that, as he currently sits at the top of the WDC standings. If he were to pull it off this season, it would be title number eight, and a new claim to be the greatest of all time.

Hill’s opinion is personal, of course, but when he throws words like “best racer we’ve ever had”, it is sure to cause debate and discussion. Fans speculated that perhaps he doesn’t credit Hamilton’s pedigree as much as he should.

Perhaps if and when the Mercedes driver wins more titles, he may change his tune. Or not, because personal opinions are to be respected, even if they may not fall with the template narrative.

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