“Asked for my release from UFC”: Dan Hardy keen to take unorthodox route of recruiting Joshua Fabia

In an interview with Submission Radio, Dan Hardy spoke on several topics. In one of them, he said that he is looking to cut ties with UFC. He is trying to get rid of his UFC fighter contract after he was officially removed from the official commentary role at the organisation.

Speaking about his removal from the commentary post, Dan said that he caught himself in an argument with an employee.

“The only thing that’s happened is I’ve asked two different people for my release from the UFC – Because obviously, with one contract coming to an end, it would make sense for me to leave with my fight contract as well,” he said.

“So, I’m currently trying to get my release from the UFC, so then I can start looking at other places. I’ve got a few ideas and a few options that I’d like to consider.

“But it’s just getting a hold of someone; I might have to recruit Joshua Fabia to get someone’s attention at some point.”

UFC just using me: Hardly

Hardy said that UFC didn’t match him with any fellow veteran fighter but would book him with a rather unknown and new fighter.

Hardy believes that UFC is using him just as a support to move the fresh talents up the table.

Cowboy (Donald ‘Cowboy Cerrone), Matt Brown, you know, they would never in a million years give me the Nick Diaz fight. They would use Nick Diaz to build somebody else up. I just don’t want to be in that situation. Plus, my fight contract is, what, eight years old? So, you can imagine the numbers on it. It’s rather embarrassing.”

At last, he hinted that he is open to competing in MMA, however, not with UFC.

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