Daniel Ricciardo explains how Norris’ form reminds him of his time back with Verstappen

Soon after Daniel Ricciardo joined McLaren, there were mass speculations that he would outperform his teammate Lando Norris.

While the Brit had two extraordinary seasons with McLaren, the Australian had brought with him multiple podium finishes and a race-winning pedigree.

However, Norris has not only surpassed Ricciardo but also peaked his car, the MCL35M in performance.

With the upcoming British Grand Prix, Ricciardo thinks that Norris is doing exactly what he did back when he was with Red Bull.

A look at Norris’ season so far

The Brit is currently fourth in the driver’s standings with a massive 101 points. Additionally, he is the only driver to earn point finishes in all the races so far this season.

He also has claimed three podium finishes and is behind Red Bull’s Sergio Perez in third by mere three points in the standings.

Even though this is Norris’ third season only with his team, he has taken the responsibility of placing McLaren in third place in the constructor’s championship.

Ricciardo, despite his struggles, thinks that his teammate is going through the third-year effect.

What did Ricciardo say?

“I came in and he showed that he’s got skill and talent, I do think as well this year he’s made that third-year step,” he said.

“I did it at Red Bull, I think Max did it as well, kind of cleaned up some of his mistakes in year three, and then really rose to his potential, and I think Lando is doing that now.”

Ricciardo had a similar time when he was with Red Bull. His second season with them in 2015 gave him only 92 points.

However, in 2016, the Australian won third place in the driver’s championship in 2016. With 256 points in hand, he took home a race win and seven podiums.

Ricciardo learning from Norris

Ricciardo confessed that at this moment, all he can do is to appreciate his teammate and learn from his strengths.

“So I for now just have to tip my hat, acknowledge that he is driving very well, gelling very well with the team, and just try to use that to benefit me moving forward,” he said.

“Learn from him where he is doing things better, use those things to ultimately make me a better driver,” he concluded.

Ricciardo currently has only 40 points in his bag. His next race will be in Silverstone where he had his F1 debut ten years ago.

THe Honey Badger will be looking to impress his team on a circuit that started his legacy in Formula 1.

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