Daniel Ricciardo reveals his biggest weakness when he started racing

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his biggest weakness when he started racing.

Ricciardo is an established driver on the grid. Although he hasn’t won the WDC yet, he is a race winner and competitive driver. He has been hailed for his clean racing, tactful reading of pace and overtaking ability. However, the Australian wasn’t always like this.

Ricciardo was a guest on the Smartless podcast, where he spoke about F1. He revealed his biggest weakness when he first joined the sport.

“That was actually one of my weaknesses or downfalls kinda growing up, and when I got to Formula 1 is I was kind of intimidated. Just by being there or who I was racing against, and I wasn’t aggressive enough,” Ricciardo said.

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Ricciardo (pictured) reveals the weakness he addressed early in his career. Source: au.sports.yahoo.com

“I got kind of mauled, a few times and it was kind of like if I qualify well, that’s nothing if I get eaten up on Sunday in the race.

“I then certainly switched my mentality to it all, and I think a team will always respect you for having a go. This isn’t a sport to sit back and be complacent,” Ricciardo explained.

Adrenaline rush

Ricciardo is a natural in the sport, and seems to be one within himself in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car. In a video uploaded by the F1 official website, Ricciardo explained how he feels when he gets ready to race.

“Something comes over me, and it’s go time. I love being able to have that switch,” Ricciardo said.

“I enjoy being a nice guy, but the competitor in me wants to be the most aggressive and ruthless guy on the grid and I’m happy to be that if I have to,” the McLaren driver concluded.

Ricciardo will be looking to have a great second half to the season. He will be itching to deliver a statement at the Belgian Grand Prix.

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