Daniel Ricciardo speaks out in support of a young McLaren fan who was bullied

Daniel Ricciardo is known for maintaining his cool during various situations. However, he does not shy away from being tough to defend someone from his team.

A Twitter user recently posted on the social media platform, a picture of her 10-year-old son, Luis, who faced being bullied on the street.

Apart from being bullied, the young kid was even bruised and had his McLaren cap stomped on and then stolen.

Daniel Ricciardo; Source: planetf1.com

What did the tweet say?

“Can I just take a moment to say BULLYING IS NOT OK. My 10-year-old son is at a breaking point due to bullying,” wrote @ChaoticCoopers.

“They stole and stamped on his @McLarenF1 hat – one of his favorite things and left him looking like this @LandoNorris @danielricciardo #stopbullying #BeKind.”

Ricciardo responds

Ricciardo gave an encouraging response to the tweet and offered to send a new cap to the young fan.

“Sorry to hear this, but don’t stress buddy. Makes you look tough!” said the Honey Badger.

“Bullies are the weak ones, don’t forget that. I’ll sort you out with a new hat and some other goodies. Stay up lil homie.”

And the story got better

After Ricciardo gave his response to the tweet, the family received a massive wave of support for the young fan.

“Luis is buzzing you have replied – thank you!!! As upset as he is about the hat I can replace it but I can’t replace his childhood – Hope some conversations can begin to stop bullying, that’s all I wanted – Living the Mum life.”

After Ricciardo’s message, McLaren also posted their support for Luis.

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