Dariush compares Ferguson to a “zombie” after the latter refuses to tap out despite his knee popping

Tony Ferguson‘s three-fight losing streak continued when Beneil Dariush defeated him in a majority decision at UFC 262. Ferguson had previously lost to Oliveira by unanimous decision at UFC 256.

Ferguson’s three-fight losing streak started with a majority decision loss to Dariush at UFC 262. Ferguson had previously lost a unanimous decision to Charles Oliveira at UFC 256.

It was no different in his most recent fight against Dariush.

For the entire fifteen minutes, Dariush overshadowed Ferguson in every way. In the second round of the fight, both of them mostly fought on the ground.

Dariush caught Ferguson with an inverted heel hook. ‘El Cucuy’, who was clearly grimacing in agony, seemed to have no way out. But, Ferguson did not submit to the hold. Recognising that a finish was unlikely, Dariush climbed back to the top and rode out the round.

Dariush told Joe Rogan during the post-fight interview that he heard Ferguson’s knee pop out during the heel hook, but the former interim lightweight champion refused to give up or tap out.

In a show of respect, Dariush compared Ferguson to a “zombie”, suggesting that ‘El Cucuy’ is capable of resurrecting from the dead.

Tony Ferguson future in doubt?

Dariush came in with big shots in the third round and bulldozed Ferguson, who was barely able to stand due to a potential knee injury.

Ferguson, who has a reputation for toughness, persevered over all three rounds. No one, not even ‘El Cucuy,’ was surprised by the unanimous decision favouring Dariush, which was reached by a vote of 30-27.

Ferguson was defeated for the third time in the UFC after a 12-fight winning streak. He had previously lost to Justin Gaethje and Oliveira. At UFC 262, ‘Do Bronx’ defeated Michael Chandler to become the new undisputed lightweight champion.

Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, said they would discuss Ferguson’s future after his “tough night”.

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