“Did not plan that at all”: Leclerc surprised himself with slick Bottas overtake in Spain

Charles Leclerc managed to surprise many at the start of the race at the Spanish Grand Prix. Just as the race began, he and Max Verstappen were able to launch their cars into favourable positions with the Dutchman taking the lead.

On the other hand, the Monegasque was just behind Valtteri Bottas looking for a chance to pounce.

While at the long right-hander at Turn 3, he managed to get a great run around Bottas and overtook him with ease. Surprisingly, the Ferrari driver did not expect that to happen, although Bottas regained his position eventually.

“Quite a good start, I have to say. I didn’t have a slipstream, unfortunately so I lost a little bit there. Then I think we can see a McLaren around the outside of Turn 1,” he said.

“I thought it would be tricky to stay in front, but I managed to do so. I did not plan that at all, I just saw that there was a free line on the outside and went for it.”

Leclerc was glad to have pulled off the move in his favour. While in conversation with 2009 F1 champion, Jenson Button, the Ferrari man denied taking a page out of Fernando Alonso’s book.

Leclerc also confessed that making a move like this at the start of the race is difficult. Especially when there are a lot of ‘marbles’ around the outside.

The Ferrari man also revealed that the 2021 car is a lot better than its predecessor. He said the new Ferrari has more power, downforce, and grip. Last year’s car paints a pale comparison.

The Monegasque is currently looking forward to racing on his home soil in two weeks at the Circuit de Monte Carlo in Monaco.

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