Dillian Whyte net worth: How much does professional boxer make through salary and deals?

Dillian Whyte is a well-known professional boxer from England. He competes in the heavyweight division. Previously, he has also competed in kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

Whyte sits in number 3 among the heavyweights on the Ring Magazine rankings and has held multiple regional titles.

He is famously known as ‘The Body Snatcher’.

Dillian Whyte. Source: skysports.com

Before he got into professional boxing, Whyte had a difficult upbringing. As a result, he took to combat sports as a means of escape.

Whyte’s top of the line fights

Whyte has had some interesting fights during his career. One of his most iconic ones has been with heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua in 2015 which he lost.

Dillian Whyte VS Anthony Joshua. Source: thetimes.co.uk

The Brit, however, has wins against Derek Chisora (x2), Oscar Rivas, Robert Helenius, Joseph Parker, and Marius Wach.

As a result, the 32-year-old has made millions throughout his career.

10 wins in a row

After his loss against AJ, Whyte gathered 10 wins in a row. This pushed him as an interesting contender for pay-per-view attraction in the UK.

His peculiar fighting style has allowed him to command big purses. This includes a £4million pay-day he earned through a fight with Povetkin in August 2020.

Whyte would have earned even more had fans been present during the match. But it was not possible due to the ongoing pandemic.

Whyte brandishing his belt. Source: worldnewsera.com

How much does Whyte make?

According to a report by Sportekz, his net worth is around £5.1million.

Whyte will most probably make the same amount in his rematch with Alexander Povetkin as he made before. While he made £4m during his first clash, he is expected to make a lot more this time.

With the ongoing pandemic, the pay-per-view numbers might just beat out the buys from the previous fight.

Also, with around 500 fans being present at the venue, the revenue will be split 50-50 between Whyte and Povetkin.

Talking about endorsements, Whyte is supported by gloves company Fly. Apart from this, he is also backed by the clothing line BoxRaw.

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