Hasbulla Magomedov has been receiving a lot of social media attention lately. Dillon Danis recently took to Twitter to share a screen capture from a video call with Magomedov. The post’s description hinted at a possible collaboration between the two.

With all of the buzz about Magomedov that’s been going on, fans were eager to see the two share the stage in the future.

Following Khabib Nurmagomedov’s entry into the combat sports scene, Russia’s fighter stock rose. The same appears to have rubbed off on Magomedov, who has gained a lot of prominence for his pranks.

Is Dillon Danis cashing in on the Hasbulla Magomedov craze?

MMA is a physically and emotionally demanding discipline. Even the biggest stars avoid fighting more than three times due to its intense demands.

However, being in the spotlight in order to maintain a certain level of relevance is critical, especially for fighters in the lower tiers.

Trash talk, shout-outs, and cross-promotional collaborations are some of the ways to keep one’s name in the news. Danis has kept himself relevant in the MMA universe through social media after his last bout in June 2019.

It seems that Danis has devised a strategy to reclaim his place in the spotlight by teaming with Magomedov in what may be an interesting endeavor for fans.

Dillon Danis’ Bellator MMA record

Danis made his Bellator debut with a bang. ‘El Jefe’ rose to prominence in the promotion with two first-round victories over Kyle Walker and Max Humphrey respectively.

Following a string of strong performances, the 27-year-old has undoubtedly done enough to spark some interest in his abilities. He’ll be looking for another appealing matchup to propel himself into larger contests.

With all of the talk about the youngster, it wouldn’t harm Danis’ stock to negotiate a deal and develop some material in order to maintain some relevance in the MMA community.

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