“Do a better job at controlling things”: Hamilton blasts FIA for allowing Red Bull to bend rules

Lewis Hamilton has urged the FIA to do a better job at preventing Red Bull from bending the rules.

For a long time, drivers have been vocal about voicing their concerns about FIA regulations. They complain about the various inconsistencies in the rules. Hamilton is the latest name to address the issue.

The seven-time champion talked about an issue surrounding tyre blankets. He targeted Red Bull, and highlighted how they took them off when they were supposed to be on.

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Lewis Hamilton (pictured) urges the FIA to look into Red Bull bending the rules. Source: thesportsrush.com

“I think we need to continue to apply pressure to the FIA,” he said. “Just do a better job at controlling things, got to make sure that it is consistent for everyone.”

Doubling down

Hamilton didn’t stop his Red Bull criticism there. He brought up their flexible wing, an issue the FIA is already looking into. Consequently, the governing body will conduct tests on this matter in a few weeks.

But, Hamilton believes the delay in testing could hand Red Bull an advantage while racing. He explained that the wing could make their cars faster by six-tenths, and acknowledged that Mercedes aren’t favourites at Monaco.

However, the Brit insisted he will fight until the last lap to win. He recognised that with the advantage in the hands of Red Bull, he will need to qualify first or second.

With title rival Max Verstappen breathing down his neck, Hamilton will be wary of mistakes. Verstappen, who trails Hamilton in the race for the WDC, will be eager to close the gap on his rival. The Dutchman will be gunning for his first career win in Monaco, and is expected to be very fast this weekend.

The race looks to be an early decider on various fronts, and at the forefront of it will be the WDC standings. Will the frontrunner be Hamilton or Verstappen?

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