Domenicali offers simplest advice to imcumbent Ferrari boss Binotto

Ferrari has had quite a poor run in Formula 1 over the last decade. For a team that has such lofty standards, it does not have a single championship in this time frame.

Former Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali, who is now head of F1, is saddened by their dip. He feels the team needs to capture its past glory. He offered new Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto with the best advice which is no advice at all.

“I see a company looking for stability that can guarantee competitiveness. I have nothing to recommend to my friend Mattia Binotto. At Ferrari, it’s about staying focused on priorities without being distracted by the enormous pressure that surrounds you,” Domenicali said.

Domenicali could not help but discuss just how important Lewis Hamilton is to the sport. Not only was Hamilton in the news for his seventh world title last year, but also the work he did off the track.

Domenicali is keen to emphasise to all drivers that doing more for the society is the greatest service they can offer, especially since they are known figures.

“Hamilton who aims to become the only eight-title driver and in the meantime communicates his ideas touches particular strings, attracts people all around.

“This is why I will meet all the drivers. It is important that each of them understand the importance of their role not only as a professional but as a man who cares about what is around him,” he said.

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