“Don’t forget the risks we take”: Leclerc speaks out against proposed driver salary cap

In its attempt to make Formula 1 a more level playing field, the governing body is keen to introduce a salary cap on drivers.

As things stand, there is a huge disparity in terms of the budgets across the teams involved in the sport. This, along with superior technology and workforce at their disposal, has allowed the big guns to flourish.

Most teams have said they are open to this idea and are waiting for it to get sanctioned. However, one may imagine that it will not be all that easy convincing drivers of its benefit, especially those in the higher salary brackets.

Charles Leclerc spoke about how he believes it is not the greatest idea and FIA needs to have a re-think about it.

“We should discuss this question among ourselves, the drivers, and then with the FIA,” Leclerc said.

“I have an opinion on it, but I would like to speak to the FIA. You should definitely not forget the risks we take on the track.”

You can sense quite easily exactly where Leclerc stands as far as this debate is concerned. Drivers do eventually put their lives on the line when they race in the sport, so it is perhaps an understandable thought on his part.

Even looking back as recently as last year reminds us of Romain Grosjean, who could have suffered a fatal crash if it wasn’t for the Halo that came to his rescue.

Leclerc was quite excited about sprint races, though. He said it is imperative to increase engagement from fans and poach new markets.

“In the sprint races, for example, I believe that a large proportion of Formula One spectators will be well received.

“There is a majority of us drivers who are in favour of trying it out. We must be careful, but we must not forget that we are nothing without our viewers. So it’s not wrong to take a step in the direction of the fans every now and then.”

While many more will surely voice their opinions on the proposed salary cap for drivers and sprint races, we must shift our focus to the Imola Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen will be hoping to give Lewis Hamilton another memorable encounter.

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