“Don’t need Nico for that”: Verstappen disregards Rosberg’s word of caution on Hamilton

Nico Rosberg, in an interview on German television, mentioned that Max Verstappen will now realise how good Lewis Hamilton really is. He also said that this is the only season that the Dutchman can take on the seven-time world champion.

Verstappen, however, has disregarded this claim by Rosberg.

At a press conference, the Dutchman was asked if he has now got a better understanding of Hamilton.

“Yeah, I don’t need Nico to make me realise how good Lewis is. I know he’s very good, otherwise, you don’t win so many championships,” he said.

Rosberg, during his interview, also criticised Verstappen’s performance in Portugal, to which the latter replied that he is enjoying having a battle with Hamilton at the front of the field.

“Yeah, I think it’s what everyone wants to see but of course what I want as well, because the last few years we have not been close enough so it’s a good start to the season, that’s for sure. I hope it can be like this for the rest of the season because it keeps everyone excited,” the Dutchman said.

In the battle for the world championship, Verstappen can no longer afford to make any more mistakes. He is as of now eight points behind the Brit.

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