“He dresses like a 60-year-old, but he’s alright”: Ricciardo pins blame on Drive To Survive crew

The Netflix docu-series called Drive To Survive had its third season aired this March. McLaren recruit Daniel Ricciardo is not completely sold on the authenticity of the show.

The Australian felt that during the shoot, the Drive to Survive crew members tried to invoke rivalry between him and Carlos Sainz. According to him, Netflix tried to rely on the logic of Ricciardo replacing the Spaniard at McLaren.

Fortunately, he got the situation under control and the incident did not gather any steam. In an interview, Ricciardo said that Netflix was hovering over a rivalry that was never there.

“I mean the second season, there were some episodes or parts where I feel they forced it a little bit,” he said.

“They tried to create a bit of a rivalry between me and Sainz and it wasn’t really there. Like, he’s no more a rival than anyone else.

“There wasn’t any personal grudge with him. But I think [Netflix] wanted something. So a lot of questions led with asking about Carlos. Maybe no one noticed, but for me, I was like, he’s fine.”

Fans are yet to witness Sainz and Ricciardo competing within the same team. Even when the two were rivals, there have been some sticky situations on the track, but none of them turned ugly.

Both drivers have always respected each other irrespective of their rivalry.

“I’ve probably got other guys that I dislike, you know, as opposed to Carlos. I mean, he dresses like a 60-year-old, but otherwise, he’s alright,” Ricciardo joked.

Even though both the drivers are not technically rivals, but we do not know what the future holds. Let us know in the comments if you think we will see some sparks fly this season.

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