Drive To Survive producer on why crucial moments were left out in Season 3 – “Too demanding”

When it comes to Formula 1, “Drive To Survive” is the most prominent show on Netflix. Giving a fresh set of eyes to the fans, the show provides a unique perspective of the sport. However, several key aspects of Formula 1 were missing in the third season of the show.

Fans were in for a shock as the show did not feature George Russell’s drive for Mercedes at the Sakhir Grand Prix. The show also did not feature the departure of the Williams family from F1 at the Italian Grand Prix.

The producer of the show, James Gay-Rees pitched in his words on why these key aspects were missed out.

“Yeah exactly, you know, it’s really difficult bouncing at them. The show has to be made in such a fast turn around because the season ends and then we gotta finish all the post-production.

Then Netflix have to re-version for international, before the season starts again.

“So you know the reality is that from October to the end of January, my life is just Drive to Survive. You know what I mean, trying to get the series over the line in that space and time is extremely demanding to our entire team.”

Rees added, “So ten episodes is an awful amount of episodes to get out the door. And they are only like 35 minutes episodes, but you know there is a lot of stories and you have to kill a lot of various sadly. 

“There is loads of great stuff that doesn’t make it because you don’t have the time. But ten is enough, you know it’s a challenge to get ten and to make ten good right.

“And so last season was consistent probably series in terms of quality of the episode which is testament to the team’s work, but we are always trying to make it up to teams in the following season.”

It has been just a month since the third season was released and Netflix is already working on the shoot of the fourth season. In the upcoming season, we can expect to see everything that has happened in 2021 season of F1.

Mercedes took to their Twitter account to drop a BTS of the crew interviewing Valtteri Bottas.

It is estimated that the fourth season will premier some time in 2022. Till then fans have to do with the three seasons of the show.

Do let us know in the comments on what the series has missed out!!

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