“Drivers are the stars of the show”: Bottas unhappy with McLaren boss’ F1 salary cap claim

Formula 1 has been holding several rounds of discussions relating to the initiation of a budget cap into the sport.

The teams came together and joined hands in favour of this decision. However, with the budget cap successfully implemented, the focus now falls on the salary cap.

Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas is not much of a fan of the idea.

A salary cap will set an upper limit on the high earnings that the drivers are enjoying at the moment. Many people including McLaren boss Zak Brown think that this could result in financial equity between the teams.

Brown wrote, “As the teams continue to reduce their costs throughout the company, it makes sense that driver salaries, along with the three highest-paid employee salaries, should ultimately fall below a defined allowance.

“The extension of the budget ceiling by a defined and regulated allocation for driver costs and the three highest salaries will include all important performance elements and really bring the sport to the same level,” the American continued.

“To secure our future, we have to keep reducing the costs of our sport in all areas.”

Bottas, however, had a completely different opinion on the matter.

What did Bottas say?

According to Bottas, the F1 drivers are the ‘stars of the show’. As a result, they deserve to be the receivers of the hefty pay package.

“My thoughts on that? It depends on the numbers, of course,” he said. “Because we are in a position where we use big brands for marketing purposes. In Formula 1, they use our image. In the end, the drivers are the stars of the show. That has value.

“It really depends on the cut. What would be the maximum, I don’t know any details. Obviously, there is a limit to everything.”

For the time being, a salary cap of $30 million is under talks. However, there is no confirmation yet.

With Bottas being one of the first to voice his opinion following Charles Leclerc of Ferrari, it might be possible that several others will follow.

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