EA net worth: Entertainment software firm has unbelievable earnings owing to FIFA, The Sims

Electronic Arts, also known by its initials EA, is one of the world’s most successful interactive entertainment software firms. This company specializes in everything electronic from online services to developing games and software for a variety of platforms such as tablets, consoles, PCs, and mobile phones.

Its headquarters are in Redwood City, California. Its service is used by over 300 million individuals all around the world. Maxis, EA Mobile, and EA Studios are EA’s three service divisions.

The first division is devoted to developing game-related material as well as improving user experience. The second group assists in the development and launch of interactive games for tablets and mobile devices, while the third category develops and creates games that are related to other services available.

William M. Hawkins III founded the company in 1982, and it has since grown into the powerhouse. It is responsible for numerous well-known franchises, such as The Sims, Dragon Age, and EA Sports Fifa.

According to reports, they had a very strong year in 2020 as a result of their sustained success with certain games such as Apex Legends. In fact, this game is so popular that it is the fastest-growing in the company’s history.

It is estimated that more than 10 million people worldwide play the immensely popular game. As a result, EA currently has a net value of $42 billion.

This has increased since previous year, implying that they will continue to perform admirably. As a result of COVID and global lockdowns, it was one of the few game franchises that did exceptionally well in 2020.

One issue that EA has had to deal with is the rise of free-to-play games on mobile devices via apps.

The majority of EA’s revenue is generated by internet sales each year. The company’s major source of revenue is consoles which is what the company has been primarily focused on since its inception.

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