Earn your Fantasy Football bragging rights

Football can be the most beautiful of sports and, yet, the cruelest of games. In a similar fashion, the fan-filled world of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) can be the church where you preach your football know-how or the darkest of dungeons if things just are not going right for you.

We could all do with a helping hand, that leg up from time-to-time. There’s no shame in looking for assistance. Anyway, who needs to know? Keep your FPL tips and tools of the trade to yourself. You don’t need to give away all your secrets.

Earning bragging rights in the world of fantasy football can be a season-long slog. Don’t get too discouraged if you have a slow start to the campaign. This game goes on for nine months. As the old saying goes, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the FPL tips that can get your season back on track.

Premier League predicted lineups

One tool to add to your FPL routine is the predicted lineups pages you will find on the best fantasy football tips sites. Find one that works for you. It needs to churn out reliable content with up-to-date information on each club before every FPL gameweek deadline.

If it’s a user-friendly website, you should be able to navigate to the page where they display the likely Premier League lineups on a regular basis. Here, not only will you get a detailed view of the starting eleven for each team for their upcoming fixture, but you should also see some other useful information.

What else could they help you with? Well, there is often a ‘fixture analysis’ tool. This gives a fixture difficulty rating for each team’s upcoming games. It is often colour-coded, showing you which games are theoretically easier or tougher than others, based on the club’s current form and squad strength in comparison to the same data about their opponents.

There may be a player rankings database as well. This is gameweek specific, meaning it shows you how highly a player is ranked in terms of their potential FPL score for the next round. This is based on that player’s form and the perceived difficulty (see fixture analysis above) of the upcoming match they will be playing in.

Probabilities are another interesting dataset available to you from the best FPL tips sites. With these, you can gauge how likely a player is to score (even multiple goals such as a hat-trick) in a match, how likely a team is to keep a clean sheet, how likely a game is to have over or under 2.5 goals in total.

Yes, you guessed it. These probabilities are all gathered from the best bookmakers betting engines to give you the most accurate and up-to-the-minute information.

It’s clear that the best predicted lineups pages don’t just stop at that. With tools like fixture analysis, player rankings, and probabilities, you can learn so much more about what’s likely to happen in the next round of the FPL.

Your FPL Routine

Firstly, know the upcoming fixtures. It’s so important, and we’re not just talking about the next game either. Really, you should try to get an idea of how each team’s next month or so is looking. This will guide you when deciding on how many points a player is likely to score over this period in FPL. In turn, helping you with selecting your first eleven, substitutes, and transfers.

There are plenty of scout reports on countless FPL tips sites. Read them! Find a site you like the look of and go with it.

Check reliable sites for predicted lineups, always. You never know who has been injured in training during the week!

Also, and this is more of a practical ‘tip’ – don’t forget the different time zones! If you’re in India, for instance, you will be dealing with what is generally a five-hour time difference.

Take it into account when getting all your changes done before a particular gameweek deadline!

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