Ecclestone presents unique ‘hybrid’ idea to combat lack of competition to Mercedes

It has been a long time since Mercedes was truly challenged for the constructors’ championship. It has led some to believe the sport is losing its charm.  

Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has introduced a unique ‘hybrid’ idea to combat this problem.

“People only watch the main race if there is something different on offer to the sprint.

“Why should Sunday’s race be any different to Saturday’s when the result of the sprint is the grid for the main race?

“You have to award points for the sprint race, then flip the grid for the main race accordingly.

“If the winner of the sprint race gets 15 points, he has to go back 15 grid positions on Sunday.

“That’s the only way to keep the tension high,” he told Auto und Motor Sport.

He went on to explain how his system will make both races far more entertaining for viewers.

“My system makes both races exciting.

“On Saturday, one or the other asks himself the question ‘should I win the sprint race but lose grid positions, or is it better to finish sixth in the sprint race and then start fourth in the main race?

“In addition, that would perhaps bring more points. So there would also be a lot of tactics.

“It would put people on the front rows of the grid on Sunday who would otherwise never make it there. Their sponsors would get a lot more attention. It would be better entertainment where everyone gets something out of it,” Ecclestone said.

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