Eric Cantona net worth: How much does the retired football legend earn in 2021?

Eric Cantona, also known as the Old Trafford’s ‘King’, had retired from the game early to pursue a passion for acting and directing films.

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Cantona was a Premier League classic, leading Manchester United to four league titles and two FA Cups. But he is also remembered fondly in France, having scored 20 goals for Les Bleus during his career.

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He retired from football at the pinnacle of his career, but his earning potential remains substantial even as he enters his third decade in retirement.

Eric’s net worth

Cantona holds a record net worth of around $25 million.

The Frenchman’s fortune stems primarily from his career as a professional footballer, which lasted little under two decades, and his job as an actor. However, he has continued to generate money over the past two decades after retiring from the sport.

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Cantona’s enduring stature as a football star, as well as his distinct personality, make him an appealing possibility to commercial partners, and he continues to pick up endorsement contracts in retirement.

The former striker lags far behind many of the game’s current stars. This is understandable given the significantly bigger sums of money at stake.

Cantona’s endorsements

Cantona was one of the best earners in the Premier League. Although the weekly income back then may not seem like much when compared to salaries in the present game.

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When he joined Manchester United for £1.2 million from Leeds United in 1992, he was on a £10,000-a-week contract. But by the time he left in 1997, his salary had risen to about £20,000 a week.

A weekly income of £10,000 equates to £520k per year; while a weekly wage of £20,000 equates to well over £1 million per year. Both of which are significantly below what elite Red Devils players earn today.

He has worked with Nike throughout his playing days. He has also appeared in a number of their TV commercials, including the classic ‘Match in Hell’ and ‘Scorpion KO’ (also known as ‘The Cage’ series).

In 2020, he collaborated with EA Sports to feature as an Ultimate Team Icon in FIFA 21. He also starred in a series of promotional videos proclaiming, “The King is back!”. It was not Cantona’s first collaboration with video game developers. He had previously supported the Super NES game ‘Striker’ – branded as ‘Eric Cantona Football Challenge’ in Europe – in the 1990s.

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Cantona, along with his wife Rachida Brakni, is one of the founders of nostra cosmetics. He has also worked with Eurostar, Renault, and even appeared in an Irish lottery advertisement over the years.

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