“Even greater than Hamilton”: Rosberg on what Mick will have to contend with this season

Lewis Hamilton may well be set to dominate on the track in the upcoming season, but former F1 driver Nico Rosberg believes it will be Mick Schumacher who will hog the headlines.

The fact that he is Michael Schumacher’s son already means there are plenty of eyes on Mick at all times. His performances will be adored or scrutinised much more than any other driver.

Rosberg feels he is in the perfect position to judge this, given the fact that his own father, Keke, also raced in the series and famously won the 1982 title.

Michael Schumacher is far more successful than Keke with seven world championships to his name. Many consider him to be the greatest driver to grace the sport.

“It is not easy to be the ‘son of’. And with Mick, it is again 10 times more difficult because Michael’s days weren’t that long ago and he was even more successful,” Rosberg said.

Rosberg believes there will be plenty of media attention on Mick, but he needs to ignore this if he wants to succeed in the sport.

“The media attention will be great, initially probably even greater than that of Lewis Hamilton. I hope that Mick can put that aside and concentrate well on his job – otherwise, it takes away a lot of the fun.

They (the media) won’t give him time, but he’ll have to take it for himself,” said Rosberg.

Rosberg said that everyone should keep in mind that it takes a number of years to hone one’s skills and judgment on Mick should be reserved till he has spent enough time in the sport.

“It takes time and patience. After all, I had to wait seven years to win my first race and even eleven years to win the title. You have to keep that in mind if you want to rate Mick this year.”

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