Ex-F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone to feature in a documentary series by ‘Senna’ producer

Formula 1 makes for an interesting sport to be the subject of documentaries with a new one under production at the moment.

Former CEO of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, will be the subject of the new docuseries which is already under production.

Reports stated that filming has already started at Ecclestone’s home.

The producer for this series, Manish Pandey, is the one who won the BAFTA for his contribution to ‘Senna’.

Formula 1 management has also granted Pandey access to archival footage.

The series will constitute of eight parts and talk about Ecclestone’s success in the sport.

What did Pandey say?

“Bernie has been able to reflect, not just on his days as one of the greatest sporting impresarios of all time, but also on his life,” Pandey quoted.

“In his 90 years, he has traveled the world and met everyone who is anyone, yet he remains incredibly personable and immensely funny.

“It is a joy to tell his extraordinary story, in full, for the first time,” he concluded.

Ecclestone made F1 what it is today

The 90-year-old virtuoso gets credited for making Formula 1 the sport it is today.

After contributing to the business end of Formula 1, Ecclestone stepped aside after Liberty Media took over.

Now a docuseries is being created that will talk about his life and his work in Formula 1.

What did Ecclestone say?

Source: SkySports

“This is the first time I’ve trusted anyone to tell my story and the story of Formula 1 and Manish is the only storyteller and director who I believe can bring these to the screen,” he said.

“And he isn’t just a great storyteller. He’s also a great fan.

“He’s been watching Formula 1 since he could walk and his knowledge of the world and its ‘movers and shakers’ is encyclopaedic and his passion unsurpassed,” he concluded.

Stefano Domenicali cites his opinion

Manish Pandey with Bernie; Source: tbivision.com

The current CEO of F1, Stefano Domenicali stated: “Formula 1 is a truly global sport with over seventy years of history created by Bernie that has a huge part of making the sport what it is.”

“With half a billion global fans and races in 23 countries the interest and excitement around Formula 1 is huge and there will be eager anticipation for this series that will take the viewers on a journey into the life of one of the sport’s most interesting characters,” he concluded.

The movie’s name is ‘Lucky’.

The film will be available worldwide. This is due to representation by ICM Partners.

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