Ex F1 team boss picks Hamilton over Schumacher, but says there has only been one ‘incomparable’ driver

Former F1 team owner and current media personality Eddie Jordan has revealed that he would pick Lewis Hamilton over Michael Schumacher.

The biggest reason for this is the German’s checkered past.

Both Hamilton and Schumacher have seven world titles respectively as many have been comparing the two drivers.

The Brit recently claimed his 100th pole position in the sport and is expected to hit the same number in race wins as well. Schumacher is second on the list of Grand Prix wins and poles.

According to Jordan, there is one aspect that sets both Hamilton and Schumacher apart.

One factor that sets Hamilton apart

“Both are unique, so it makes me almost schizophrenic to have to choose a winner but I choose Hamilton,” Jordan told F1-Insider.

The Irishman said that Hamilton has a more clean driving record as compared to the German, which is a major factor in choosing him.

“Lewis never won his titles in a collision like Michael in Adelaide in 1994,” Jordan said.

“Lewis’ time at Mercedes was never tarnished by rumors of cheating. I still remember how much Michael suffered when Benetton was accused of using illegal traction control in 1994. And his time at Ferrari didn’t quite go by without someone pointing a finger at the red one.

“These speculations shouldn’t diminish Michael’s performance. Both are quite simply very big in their profession.”

Another driver is in the fight

According to the Irishman, there is another contender in this fight. That is Brazillian legend Ayrton Senna.

F1 cult hero Ayrton Senna. Source: Scroll.in

“Ayrton Senna is out of competition for me,” Jordan said.

“He was a magician in every way. He died far too early to be able to evaluate him objectively. Had he not had an accident in Imola, he would have ended his career with much more than his three world championship titles. You can’t prove that, but I’m sure of it.”

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