F1 CEO reveals how teams tried to block Netflix Drive to Survive deal – “They were suspicious”

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has revealed the mixed feelings on the paddock about the Netflix deal.

Ever since Netflix dropped the critically-acclaimed Drive to Survive, F1 has received much more attention. More have been fans of the sport because of it, having gained a detailed understanding of what happens on and off the track.

However, Domenicali has revealed the true feelings from the F1 community when Netflix first approached them to make the show. He said that not all the teams were on board with the Netflix deal, and some had mixed feelings about the project.

Speaking on the Formula One: The Iconic Motorsport podcast, Domenicali said, “I think it’s very important to understand what is our vision for the future on that respect.

Stefano Domenicali to replace Carey as Formula 1 CEO | PlanetF1
Stefano Domenicali (pictured) revealed the initial thoughts on the Netflix deal for Drive to Survive. Source: planetf1.com

“By the way, when the Netflix project was presented, not all the teams and neither the media with whom we have the actual contact were very happy. They were suspicious. They thought, ‘Well, they’re going to have something that we don’t have – they are going to do something that is out of the court of Formula One. So why we’re doing that?’

“And I have to say, I don’t take any single merit for that, because it was done for the vision of Chase and Sean Bratches. So that was a job that was incredible, and the effect on the audience or non-avid fans is massive.


“Social media, like or not like it – it is a way to be connected to the people. And we know very well, that is not only for Formula One, all our people today want to be the protagonist. And the more we feel them, the protagonist of what we are doing,” he concluded.

The Netflix deal for the show has certainly brought more mainstream attention to the F1 grid, despite the mixed feelings about it initially. All in all, it seems to have done more good for the sport than bad. With the new season coming up in a few months, we can’t wait to see the BTS of an action-packed season.

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