Adrian Newey’s wife lays into journalist at The Times for viral article ridiculing mental health

Journalist Matthew Syed recently wrote an article for The Times which has caused quite an uproar on social media.

While some have hailed it as being brilliant, others have claimed that it is “dangerous”.

In essence, Syed has claimed that Red Bull boss Christian Horner is ruining the image of Formula 1 and has used the guise of mental health as a tactic to get away with things.

Syed further goes on to say that all the problems suffered by Red Bull are due to their own doing and they should not look to hide behind this using such excuses.

“If there are mental health issues at Red Bull as a result of their rule breach, the responsibility lies with them and them alone – not with those who have criticised them,” Syed said.

It goes without saying that mental health is an extremely sensitive topic and questioning anyone over it will be viewed as controversial.

Red Bull chief aerodynamic officer Adrian Newey has seen his wife stick up for the team and question Syed over this article.

“What qualifies you to judge me, my husband or any member or family member of Red Bull’s mental state?” she asked Syed.

“When you get a year of abuse and you don’t even work for the team, it wears you down. Provoking the fans with toxic journalism adds to the problem,” added Newey’s wife.

This has been a particularly testing time for Red Bull, who have had to face the backlash of the Cashgate scandal as well as deal with the demise of their co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz.

Marko believes Red Bull will continue growing

Helmut Marko. Credit:
Helmut Marko. Credit:

Red Bull technical advisor Helmut Marko, however, believes that the team is still in the right frame of mind to build on its recent success.

“There is a lot happening in Red Bull now in strategic and political terms,” Marko said.

“There are issues that need to be clarified within the company in connection with the death of Dietrich Mateschitz, but this should not affect the sports component.

“Nothing has changed for the team.

“We are preparing to win the remaining two races and judging by the speed and reliability that we have demonstrated recently, we have a good chance.”

Max Verstappen has already won 14 races this season, which sees him tied with Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher’s record of most wins in one campaign.

He can stretch this record to 16 if he goes on to win the last two races.

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