Christijan Albers has blasted Max Verstappen for always being aggressive while racing.

Hamilton and Verstappen’s latest crash has sent the blame games firing on all cylinders. Many have blamed the Mercedes driver, while many others have blamed his Red Bull counterpart. Albers is on Team Hamilton, and believes Verstappen is just a rash driver.

Albers pointed out many instances to defend Hamilton, and blasted Verstappen for always being aggressive while racing.

“If you go and look at Imola, with the race start, you also see that he actually just pushes Hamilton to the outside,” Albers said, as quoted by Planet F1.

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Albers (pictured) slammed Verstappen for being aggressive all the time. Source:

“If you go and look at Barcelona, exactly the same. If you look at Silverstone with the sprint race and the first few corners until they get to Copse, he takes the high road every time. And you can see that Hamilton has to continually cash in, and he does go more to the safe side.

“Lewis always gave the millimetres and centimetres to Max, but eventually, you have to draw a line. And since Silverstone, that has happened,” the former F1 driver concluded.

Niggles in the strategy

Verstappen will be taking a penalty at the Russian GP for his actions. Now, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has hinted that they will be doubling down on it by taking a new power unit.

As quoted by Give Me Sport, Marko said, “That has not yet been decided. But I do think that you can overtake rather well in Sochi. 

“Sochi has been a Mercedes track in the past, but we have been competitive everywhere this year. So if everything works together perfectly, then we can also challenge Mercedes there.”

The smart thing to do would be to just take the penalty and get it done with. This strategy, however, is built on the assumption that Mercedes will have to serve one soon. If they don’t have to, taking it in Russia would be a disaster.

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