Albon harps on his biggest disadvantage during debut race – “It happened very last minute”

New Williams driver Alex Albon revealed the disadvantage he faced on his F1 debut, saying he was totally overwhelmed by the sport.

Albon joined F1 in 2019 as part of Red Bull junior team Toro Rosso. He was rushed from F2 into the main league quite suddenly, and his move came as a surprise to many fans.

Although he did decently and earned a promotion to the senior team, there were obvious weaknesses in the Thai driver’s Toro Rosso season. Sure enough, his first full season with Red Bull was a disaster, with his lacklustre performances earning him a demotion to the reserves.

Albon revealed the disadvantage he faced on his F1 debut, saying the whole situation threw him off at first.

“It happened very last minute,” Albon told the Motor Sport Magazine Podcast, as quoted by

“I don’t want to go into details about how the whole thing kind of happened. But it was a tricky one because, obviously, with Nissan tied up and everything like that, it didn’t make it as easy as I wish it had been, to switch from Formula E to Formula 1.

“Obviously, as a driver my age, I always want to be in Formula 1. That’s everyone’s goal (from) being a kid. But yeah, we just had to find a deal, and once the deal was sorted, that was it.”

Albon (pictured) revealed the bad side of his debut. Source: Getty Images

All happened so fast

“It was such a quick process,” Albon explained.

“And then suddenly, literally, at the last two races of my Formula 2 career, I got this opportunity and I was in F1. I was one of the most unprepared drivers, I think, ever to get into F1.

“Because I think everyone’s done testing before they arrive into F1, but my first test was literally the day one of Barcelona winter testing, and that was it. And I spun! I spun straightaway. I spun in Turn 4. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, what have I got myself into?’” he concluded.

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