F1 legend Jean Alesi gets arrested after horrific firework prank on brother-in-law goes wrong

F1 legend Jean Alesi was arrested after his horrific firework prank on his brother-in-law, as reported by Daily Star.

Alesi admitted to placing a firework in his brother-in-law’s office window. He claimed that he had placed the firework window in Villeneuve-les-Avignon, but had done it as a harmless prank.

It didn’t turn out to be harmless, as there was an explosion of the office window and some property damage. As a result, Alesi was arrested after his firework prank on his brother-in-law went bad.

Antoine Wolff, the deputy prosecutor for Nimes, charged the one-time Grand Prix winner with causing an explosion and damage to property. Alesi told the authorities that it was a “bad joke”, but the police charged him with a case “in the context of a family conflict”.

Former formula 1 driver Jean Alesi attends the 12th edition of the Historic Monaco Grand Prix on April 24, 2021 in Monaco, Monaco.
Alesi (pictured) may be looking at jail. Source: dailystar.co.uk

Cop statement

“Jean Alesi was taken into custody on Monday at around 4pm for damaging the property of others by means of an explosive device,” the police said.

“I am quite skeptical about the notion of a ‘joke’ carried out at 10pm without the person targeted knowing who is responsible.”

Neighbours reported that there was a BMW located at the scene of the incident. The license plate of the car was tracked down to Alesi’s brother, Jose.

However, Alesi handed himself in and told the police that the people responsible for the incident were him and his son Giuliano, who is also a racing driver. The two had been in the car with a friend, and decided to pull a prank on the former’s brother-in-law. Unfortunately for him, it all went south.

The Frenchman’s alleged offence carries a maximum ten-year prison sentence, so unless he can find a good lawyer, he may be staring at a jail term.

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