Fred Vassuer seeks motivational mantra to keep Audi interested in its project ahead of partnership

Alfa Romeo has already announced its decision to join hands with Audi after its partnership with Swiss-based Sauber comes to an end.

In light of this development, team boss Fred Vasseur believes that one of his biggest challenges will be maintaining a high work ethic and keeping his staff motivated.

Alfa Romeo will receive its engine from Audi when the partnership begins in 2026, and Vasseur knows that they will need to establish a solid base over the next three years to ensure that the partnership is beneficial to both parties.

“You know that performance is coming from everywhere,” said Vasseur.

“It’s never one single topic. It means that we know we are far too small in terms of headcount, that we are something like 500 people today when some other teams around me are perhaps 200 more.

“For sure, we have to do a step forward but we have also three years to do it and it will be a challenge but I think the challenge is very positive.

“You know that when you have the light at the end of the tunnel, and you know that you have to improve and you will have the resources to do it, it’s a good challenge and that will be the best motivation for everybody in the company.

“But on the other hand, I don’t want to lose the path of the next two years because the best way to prepare for the future is also to perform.

“I want to keep the team motivated and focused on ’23, ’24 and ’25.”

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