Alfa Romeo clears the air with Giovinazzi after Turkish GP fallout – “We had the discussion”

Alfa Romeo has cleared the air with Antonio Giovinazzi after the Turkish GP fallout between the pair.

In the dying moments of the race, Giovinazzi was given a team order to let his teammate Kimi Raikkonen pass him. The Finn had been the quicker of the two drivers, and had caught up to the Italian.

However, Giovinazzi did not let him by, and instead tried to catch Esteban Ocon on his own. He would fail in this effort and create tension between himself and his team.

After the race, the team’s head of track engineering, Xevi Pujolar, said that the driver had disobeyed them and stayed ahead. He failed to take P10 from Ocon, and the team left Turkey with no points.

However, Alfa Romeo cleared the air with Giovinazzi later, and said that everything was good between driver and team.

As reported by, when asked if everything had been sorted, Team Principal Frederic Vasseur said, “Yes.

Alfa Romeo cleared the air with Giovinazzi over Turkey F1 team orders
The closing moments of the Turkish GP from Alfa Romeo’s perspective. Source:

“At one stage Kimi pushed more, and we thought that we were able to keep the tyres, and we asked Antonio either to push or to let him go.

“He was probably too conservative, but I don’t want to blame him. But we had the discussion.

“He was a bit lost with the quantity of the attack he has to do, that for sure he could be much faster. And he was too conservative.

“We lost the points, clearly, but I don’t want to blame Antonio that we had the discussion. I think he was sticking to the plan and when we had the window to push more, he took two or three laps to understand that he could push more. It is like it is.”

Cloud looms high

Such a decision from Giovinazzi had disaster written all over it, given that his future in F1 is still under threat. Alfa Romeo is weighing up several options, and the rumour is that Giovinazzi may not retain his seat.

The driver had spoken about the situation he finds himself in, saying that it was “not ideal”. He also acknowledged that there was “some pressure on me”.

Time will tell if Giovinazzi will race in F1 during the next season.

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