Alonso amused at questions asking about his happiness – “Everyone is always amazed at how good I feel”

Fernando Alonso was left amused at questions asking about his happiness in F1, saying that he always finds those queries interesting.

Alonso is always associated with the grumpy side of life and career. Perhaps that has something to do with his attitude back in the day. He is generally depicted as someone whose headspace is not always in the right place.

Many of his radio lines have gone down in F1 history for amusing and sometimes wrong reasons. The oldest driver on the grid at the moment, the two-time world champion seems chilled out, something the media are baffled by.

As a result, Alonso revealed that he is always left amused at questions asking about his happiness in F1.

“When I came to Ferrari, I got exactly the same questions,” he said, as quoted by

“I still remember: ‘Why are you happy now? Is it because it’s an Italian team and you’re Spanish and it fits better?’

“And I said, yes, maybe that’s why. We have the same sense of humour and the same southern character.”

Alpine F1 driver Fernando Alonso in 2021.v1
Alonso (pictured) is not perceived as a happy man in general. Source:

People change

“When I was in the World Endurance Championship, the Dakar or Indy, I was also asked: ‘Why are you more relaxed now? In Formula 1 you seemed frustrated.’ And now I have the same statements again,” he continued.

“When I fought (Lewis) Hamilton in 2007 on a British team, in a British environment, people got the wrong impression of me and spread the wrong message.

“Everyone is always amazed at how good I feel and how happy I am.”

Even though the years have painted such a picture of Alonso, he seems to be enjoying his time at Alpine. We will see him and El Plan in 2022. Hopefully that keeps the smile on his face.

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