Alonso angry with FIA for Raikkonen incident – “Kimi didn’t do what he should have done”

Fernando Alonso got angry with the FIA again, this time for the Kimi Raikkonen incident at the US GP.

The two legends went into Turn 1 fighting for position. Raikkonen attacked Alonso around the outside, and the Alpine driver responded by pushing him off the track.

However, Raikkonen didn’t back out and took the position, to the chagrin of the Spaniard. The FIA told Alpine that they saw nothing wrong with the Alfa Romeo driver’s move, prompting further frustration.

Alonso got angry with the FIA again, and said that there was no consistency in their verdicts at all.

“I think he overtook me outside the track,” Alonso told

“Obviously, it’s their (the FIA’s) decision, so we have to accept it.

“I don’t know if you saw the whole race, but there was the same incident. I think in Lap 1, Lando (Norris) in Turn 12. He braked on the inside, overtook (Carlos) Sainz, Sainz went off track, retook the position, and he was fine.

Alonso (pictured) in action at the US GP. Source:

“(If) you commit to an overtake and they are on the outside, they need to decide to back off, or keep the full throttle off the track outside the circuit. That’s what Sainz did, (Antonio) Giovinazzi did, I did, and we had to give back the position, because you are running full throttle off track.

“But Kimi didn’t. So that’s why I felt that it was not consistent. I lost like 10 seconds by doing all these things. And, obviously, the point possibilities were gone.”

All over the place

When asked about how consistent the rules were, Alonso compared it to the handball rule in football.

“I think when you (look at) football, and you take the ball inside the area with your hand, it is a penalty. So there is not clarification of the rule.

“You just need to take the decision and say that this is a penalty because, if not, everyone will be inside the area with the ball in his hand.

“So we don’t need any modification, we just need to implement the rules when it happen,” he concluded.

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