Alonso believes Hamilton has alienated himself from other F1 drivers due to questionable choices

Fernando Alonso launched some distasteful comments towards Lewis Hamilton, saying that his former teammate has just become someone else.

Alonso and Hamilton were teammates at McLaren, with the Spaniard being the veteran to the latter’s rookie. They were very evenly matches on track, something the two-time world champion did not take to kindly.

The pair had a very tumultuous relationship and often collided on track. Despite those shenanigans, they were both championship contenders and headed into the last race of 2007 with the opportunity.

However, their relationship would prove to be their undoing once again, as both lost out to dark horse Kimi Raikkonen.

More than a decade later, the two have mutual respect for each other, but the bitterness still prevails in some capacity. The Brit has gone on to become a seven-time world champion, something the former Renault driver may not have seen coming.

Recently, Alonso launched some distasteful comments towards Hamilton, and suggested that his personality seems to have taken a nosedive.  

Hamilton (left) with Alonso (right). Source: Getty Images

In a conversation he was having with F1 fans, one interviewer asked Alonso what he felt regarding his home country not liking him.

“(But) during that time, he wasn’t too bad. He was a rookie,” he said.

However, the Alpine driver then switched gears, saying, “He got worse with years.

“Now I see him a bit more lost. There’s always bad and good guys. That’s part of the sport.”

Night and day

When asked if he is in contact with his old teammate, Alonso replied in the negative. He then proceeded to take one final dig at Hamilton for his life choices.

“Not much. He’s not having any relationship with anyone,” he said.  

“He isolated himself in the last few years. He’s in the world of fashion, wearing strange clothes.”

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