Alonso not happy with F1 season-end schedule – “It’s on the limit”

Fernando Alonso is not happy with the triple-header schedule this season, and complained about how hectic it is.

F1’s triple-headers this season have been very tight and congested. It has seen them race three separate races in three different countries days from each other. It is definitely tiring for those involved in the sport.

The terrible logistics have been called out by many fans, and it has now been addressed by the two-time world champion. Alonso is not happy with the triple-header schedule, and stated that it is not convenient at all.

“Obviously only (Max) Verstappen and (Lewis) Hamilton are fighting for the championship and it’s a very long season with these trips at the end,” he said, as quoted by

“This triple header is not the most convenient. Each race is separated by 12 hours in a plane or so and it’s important that the team and the mechanics are able to preserve their energy.

Too many of these close to each other is not good, according to Alonso. Source: Getty Images

“They were packing everything away until late at night to catch a flight to go to Brazil, unpack everything again, set up the garage. It’s on the limit for them.”

Do it better

The ongoing triple-header started with the US GP. The recently-concluded Mexican GP will be followed by the upcoming Brazilian GP, and following that will be another triple header.

It will be held in the Middle East, in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. There are very few days between each race, and Alonso took exception to that bit.

“We have to find better solutions for the calendar,” he continued.

“Austin is only an hour and a half from Mexico City, but that was two weeks ago.

“It’s strange that some races are separated by two weeks and other races on different continents follow one after the other,” he concluded.

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