Alonso questions F1’s plans of spicing up the sport – “No sport is so worried!”

Fernando Alonso has questioned F1’s plans of spicing up the sport.

The past few months have seen F1 introduce and do away with rules. These rules when added up just change the complexion of the sport altogether. In its quest to keep the sport exciting and relevant, F1 tries to update it. However, Alonso is not the biggest fan of such an approach.

Alonso is a member of the old guard, and as such is a racing purist. He gave his take on F1 reinventing itself with new rules and gimmicks, and questioned F1’s plans of spicing up the sport.

“Formula 1 is always pursuing an improvement that sometimes this is not needed, in a way,” he said, as quoted by PitPass.

Alpine F1 team "blown away" by Alonso's race craft
Alonso (pictured) is more of a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ person. Source:

“I don’t see any other sport being so worried about making or improving the show. I see football, which normally is the king of sports, and there are so many games that are so boring. And the following week there is not any drama, there is not any change. There are no suggestions how to change the game to make the goal bigger, to play without a goalkeeper to improve the show. There are no dramas.

“The sport is at it is and Formula 1 should be happy and proud as a show because it is a very big thing.”


However, Alonso admitted that changes are needed in some parts of the sport, and gave an example of the qualifying format. He suggested that it may need some tweaks, and proposed a one-lap qualifiying format.

“Imagine one lap in Monaco and you only have that lap,” Alonso explained.

“And there is track evo, or maybe there is weather. Maybe the leaders of the championship start first, and you make a mega lap, with the track evolution and you start on the first row of the grid, something like that.

“Maybe there is one weekend where you are lucky, and you can perform on something extra. Now, your hands are tied. Even if you have inspiration one day, if your car is the fifth fastest, you will finish ninth and tenth.”

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