Alonso recalls the only time he was truly scared while driving – “It was very scary”

Fernando Alonso recalled his MotoGP experience, saying that it was a very thrilling experience.

Alonso is one of the best ever to race a Formula 1 car. The 41-year-old races for Alpine, and even though he is the oldest driver on the grid, he is still astonishingly quick behind the wheel.

Many have speculated what would happen if Alonso traded two wheels away. As it happens, he actually has, and is the proud owner of a Harley Davidson and a Ducati. He is very passionate about motorbikes, and has gotten the opportunity to ride a Honda MotoGP bike.  

Alonso recalled his MotoGP experience, and revealed that it was a very scary experience.

“It’s incredible what this bike can do,” he said, as quoted by GP blog.

“I didn’t have the elbow down, just my knee, although I really only wanted to scratch the leather – so I was able to prove that I was down. But it was very scary.”

Alonso (pictured) had a scary MotoGP experience. Source: Reuters


Alonso returned to F1 after some years away from the sport and signed for Alpine. He had a great season in 2021, and feels ready to go one step further in the coming years. In other words, it is El Plan time.

“I feel good, honestly, I feel an advantage, you know? When I come to a circuit, I know the circuits,” he said.

“Even now, you know everyone is testing this 18-inch tire and I know very well these tires from the WEC (with Toyota).

“I think I only see the advantages. Physically, I think the cars of today are not very demanding. I can do 300 laps with these cars, so there is not a problem physically.” he concluded.

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