Alonso responds to haters calling him old – “I see my age as an advantage”

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso responded to haters calling him old, saying that he considers his age as an asset.

Alonso will be the oldest driver of the grid in the 2022 season. The 40-year-old will be competing in his 19th full season in F1, and will race for Alpine.

At his age, he has a treasure trove of experience that he uses in full capacity behind the wheel. He battled many young drivers in 2021 and come out on top quite a few times. However, it is certain that his retirement will happen sooner or later, but until then, he is fully confident in his abilities.

Alonso responded to haters calling him old and past it, saying that his age is a big reason why he is one of the best on the grid today.

“To be precise, I see my age as an advantage,” he told

“An example – Formula 1 is switching to low-profile tyres for the 2022 season and I know them through and through from my time in the World Sportscar Championship.

Fernando Alonso eyes. Abu Dhabi December 2021
Alonso (pictured) insists he was not backing off at 40. Source:

“The behaviour of these tyres in Formula 1 will be exactly the same as with the sports car. So while that’s new for most drivers here, this is old hat for me.”

Very much motivated

“Perhaps the only problem that comes with getting older is that you have to have the motivation to go into a season that you will be 300 days per year away,” the two-time world champion explained.

“You have to have that desire, you have to have that lifestyle that allows you to dedicate yourself to this sport. Apart from that, all the other things are advantages.

“So because I’m in a moment in life that I want to dedicate my moment in time to F1, it’s fantastic. I think I only see advantages. And then, physically, I think the cars of today are not very demanding. I think 2004-05, maybe the age was a limitation.”

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