Alonso unsure if F1 changed his life – “Not able to say exactly what I missed”

F1 veteran Fernando Alonso admitted that he was unsure if F1 changed his life, saying that he can’t really pinpoint any particular aspect.

Alonso joined F1 in 2001, and when the 2022 season starts, it will be his 19th season in the sport. He has experienced the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows, and is someone whom the sport has affected a fair bit.

On a personal level, he has had feuds with fellow drivers and his fair share of complaints, accusations and scandals. He even left the sport for a brief period before rejoining in 2021.

However, Alonso revealed that he was unsure if F1 really changed his life, saying that he has been soldiering on despite the eventful career he has had.

As quoted by, when asked if F1 has had a significant impact on his life, the Spaniard said, “I would say yes, but (I’m) not clear on if I go in detail (on) what I missed or what it cost in my normal life.

“I will not be able to say exactly what I missed or what I lost. For sure, when you are in the paddock when you are 19, and now I’m 40, I’m sure I lost a few things in life, and obviously you are away from your family for most of your life and friends (too), and maybe you lose some of them.”

Alonso (pictured) has been going about his business. Source: RN365

So much to experience

“When you enter here (in F1), you are just living a dream that you started when you were a go-kart driver, and you aim to become a Formula 1 driver,” the two-time world champion explained.

“Then you arrive here, and you are ready to sacrifice whatever comes with that dream.

“But, because we didn’t have a normal life, (because) even from 10 years old or 12 years old, we’ve been racing internationally in go-karts, etc., we don’t know exactly what it means to have a normal life. So (there is) a mismatch,” he concluded.

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