AlphaTauri latest to slam budget cap – “This year will be the most difficult one”

F1 team AlphaTauri is the latest Constructor to slam the budget cap in the sport, saying that it severely limits development throughout the season.

The budget cap was introduced in 2021 to keep a limit on spending and allow the smaller teams to have a fighting chance. It was locked at $145 million, but 2022 will see it continue and drop a further $5 million.

With only $140 million to spend and many new regulations to deal with, it becomes a nightmare for teams to navigate. Many of them have already criticised the idea, with the Red Bull junior team joining the party recently.

AlphaTauri became the latest team to slam the budget cap, saying that it becomes impossible to do anything significant on a tight budget.

As quoted by Autosprint, when asked about his team’s aspirations for 2022, Team Principal Franz Tost remained cautious, saying, “This year I think will be the most difficult one for us as far as the budget cap is concerned.

“In 2021, we were well below the budget cap and it was not a problem, but in 2022, the limit will be 140 million dollars and the purchase of new parts from Red Bull technology will bring us to the limit.

Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri, deploys DRS. Saudi Arabia, December 2021.
AlphaTauri will have a task on their hands if they are to navigate the budget cap. Source:

“So we will have to do the calculations very well from the beginning because this situation could put us in difficulty.”

Grace money

The $140 million is not a rigid number, however. An extra $1.2 million is permitted for each race after the 21st round. This is good news for the team, given that there are 23 races in 2022. As a result, they will receive $2.4 million.

There is also extra money to be made in the form of the $300,000 bonus for each sprint race weekend. An extra $100,000 can be added to repair crash damage in the event of a retirement during sprint qualifying.

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