AlphaTauri sends warning to Yuki Tsunoda regarding excessive use of foul language

AlphaTauri sent a warning to Yuki Tsunoda regarding his excessive use of foul language, saying that it was far from ideal.

Tsunoda joined AlphaTauri at the beginning of 2021. His rookie season was a mixed bag, but the promise was there. It was particularly evident on the last day of the season, when he clinched a staggering P4 at the Abu Dhabi GP.

However, the Japanese driver has drawn a lot of criticism for his expletive-filled rants and tirades on team radio. Even if the slightest thing goes wrong, he resorts to swearing and ranting, something the team does not appreciate.

AlphaTauri sent a warning to Tsunoda regarding his excessive use of foul language, and said that such behaviour was unacceptable.

As quoted by, team principal Franz Tost said, “You can say to him, ‘Please don’t say this, it’s not good for your image, it’s not good for the team, be quiet’ and then he closes the visor, sits in the car, has a problem for whatever reason, and he gets upset.

“People must understand this is an F1 car. There must be an aggression from the drivers, it’s not just rolling around. They must have this adrenaline otherwise they can’t show this performance.

“I will request him not to do it. He can shout to himself and not switch on the radio. It hurts him, and it hurts the team.”

Tsunoda (pictured) is a talker, and a foul one at that. Source: RN365


Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko suggested that his language went beyond mere linguistic issues.

“His language isn’t very Japanese,” Marko said.

“It gives him bad publicity back in Japan. I’m not sure if he knows the meaning.”

Tsunoda responded to the criticism he has been receiving and the words from Tost, and expressed his regret regarding the situation.

“I feel a lot of regret,” he said.

“I always try to control what I say, but sometimes it’s hard. I am pushing hard. I always want to improve.”

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