Alpine reveals reaction to Ocon’s Hungarian GP win – “At the end, I was in tears”

Alpine Racing revealed their reaction to their driver Esteban Ocon’s Hungarian GP win, saying that it was a monumental occasion for them.

What looked like a so-so Hungarian GP soon turned into the best day in Alpine’s history as a series of bizarre moments opened the door for Ocon to swoop in. The cars parted for him like Moses parted the Red Sea, and he duly took full advantage of it.

The Frenchman held off Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel for the entire race to take his and his team’s first victory in F1. It was a historic day for the team and a culmination of many years of hard work.

With the 2021 season over, Alpine revealed their reaction to Ocon’s Hungarian GP win, saying that it was a moment of madness and euphoria.

As quoted by Marca, Alpine CEO Luca de Meo said, “I remember at the end I was in tears…when I saw Esteban winning the first GP in Alpine’s F1 history.

“It was an important moment, because it was a way of saying that the decision I made a few months earlier was the right one. Now we don’t talk about doubts.”

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon celebrates winning the Hungarian GP in 2021.
Ocon (pictured) celebrates after his win in Hungary. Source:

All worth it

“The easiest thing to do was to say, ‘we stop this because we don’t know what the return is’,” he continued.

“But I said, let’s invent a way to revalue something, and that’s why we started with the Alpine project, which goes beyond racing. It is a brand that is built with its products, with its network, with its business, that has racing at its core and that this activity is going to give us visibility, credibility to all the rest.

“After 43 years in yellow, a lot of people at Renault asked me, ‘Why do you want to paint it in the French tricolour’, but now everybody in the company really likes the project, they like Alpine.

“We see it as the crème de la crème of our organisation, and it gives attention to the whole company to get to the level of being able to participate here, it gives people pride,” he concluded.

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