Alpine turns to artificial intelligence in bid to aid 2022 campaign – “We have AI machine learning scientists of top-notch quality”

Alpine revealed that they were turning to artificial intelligence for 2022, saying it was there to be used for the upcoming season.

Alpine’s goal from many years has been to close the gap to the top teams in F1. The former Renault has been working towards that since the days of Cyril Abiteboul and Daniel Ricciardo.

With current driver Fernando Alonso labelling their goal as ‘El Plan’, it has evolved from an Internet joke to an actual F1 mission. The French team is sparing no effort to make it a success, and have already initiated the first steps towards that objective.

In that regard, Alpine revealed that they were turning to artificial intelligence for 2022, saying they would be using it to the best of their abilities.

As quoted by Autoevolution, Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi told Autosport, “We have the stability that the Renault Group offers for five to 10 years of constant funding, and also the assets.

“The fact that Formula 1 is moving more and more towards less and less physical testing, with more and more simulations and data analysis, in the Renault group, we have AI machine learning scientists, of top-notch quality.

Alpine wants to compete and challenge at the very top. Source: Alpine

“It’s not like we put in $200 million, and they (rival teams’ budgets) put in $500 million. $200 (million) plus or minus something is fine, we can do it.”

First W

Alpine have repeatedly expressed their desire to win races in the near future, and a world title by 2025. They took a giant step towards it in 2021 by winning the Hungarian GP in stellar fashion.

What looked like a so-so Hungarian GP soon turned into the best day in Alpine’s history as a series of bizarre moments opened the door for Esteban Ocon to swoop in. The cars parted for him like Moses parted the Red Sea, and he duly took full advantage of it.

The Frenchman held off Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel for the entire race to take his and his team’s first victory in F1. It was a historic day for the team and a culmination of many years of hard work.

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