Anderson discusses suspension setup for 2022 cars – “It’s a whole new kettle of fish to get your head around”

F1 expert Gary Anderson talked about the suspension setup for the 2022 cars, saying they will be another headache for teams to deal with.

2022 will see new regulations implemented in an attempt to shake up the sport. There have been plenty of talking points, but one drawback that has been pointed out was the amount of control teams have over experimenting with their cars.

The new framework will be put to the test in the upcoming season. The cars and the teams will approach the season very differently to how they did 2021, with the idea being that competition will be closer than ever.

With the machinery set to undergo a complete revamp, Anderson talked about how teams would incorporate suspension setups for the 2022 cars, saying it would be different to the previous years.

In his analysis for the Race, Anderson wrote, “The car changes for Formula 1 in 2022 aren’t only about aerodynamics, with one of the most interesting areas being how the teams approach their suspension concept and geometry both at the front and rear.

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The suspension will be one of many changes in 2022. Source:

“Gone are the cranked top wishbone pick-ups that Toro Rosso and Mercedes pioneered in 2017 and that many teams followed. For 2022, the wishbone-to-upright pick-up has to be inside the inner plane of the front wheel.”

Dying in suspense

“For 2022, the maximum amount of ride height change you can generate at the centreline of the car when 12 degrees of lock is applied is 2mm. Before that, it wasn’t controlled,” he explained.  

“This also allowed you to jack weight around the car, which you can still do as long as the ride height doesn’t change too much.

“So for the design teams, it’s a whole new kettle of fish to get your head around. Everything that supports the car at each end including the rocker, heave damper, third spring, torsion bars and anti-roll bar will need to be packaged somewhere in its own operating area.

“For me, the suspension concept is the big area where you need to get it right from day one,” he concluded.

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