Andretti forced to pay big money settlement to appease bigger teams as opposition to entry finally loses out after FIA approval

Michael Andretti finally got his wish as the FIA approved Andretti’s entry into the sport, but it came at a cost.

Michael’s company was asked to dish out $300,000 as an initial fee, with plenty of more expenses on the way before F1 and Liberty Media formally clears it to compete in the sport.

Michael Andretti. Credit:
Michael Andretti. Credit:

Andretti has been waiting since 2021 to make an entry into the pinnacle of motorsport racing. However, some of the other teams on the grid were not so keen on seeing their inclusion.

Persistence, though, seems to have paid off, as has some money to fill the FIA coffers.

To further its initiation into the sport, Andretti will race under the name Andretti-Cadillac if it is granted full permission to start fielding a team starting from 2026.

If they want to enter as a solo team, they will need to wait for another clearance, but they are now free to join forced with another unit through acquisition or being engine supplier.

Apart from Andretti, Hitech GP, LKYSUNZ, Rodin were the other teams that were interested in becoming the 11th members on the F1 circuit.

The main opposition came from Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, who all believe that the addition of another team will only eat away at their bonuses.

The top teams believe that it would be too easy for a new team to just join and reap rewards owing to the hard work that they have put in to make the sport a global phenomenon.

Meanwhile, other existing midfield teams are not keen on selling their stake to Andretti as they feel the sport has a huge financial potential ever since Drive to Survive has opened the door to the American public.

Despite this, Michael Andretti is confident that he will be allowed to field a team on the track, with Mick Schumacher and Colton Herta both favourites to get the role of the team’s drivers.

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