Angela Cullen reveals why Lewis Hamilton purposely does not help her carry any of his luggage

Angela Cullen, who works as Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton’s personal assistant, is seen as one of the closest confidantes of the seven-time world champion.

Cullen had initially joined Hamilton as his physiotherapist, but the duo have formed a very strong bond over time and are close friends today.

Cullen leaves no opportunity to show her full support towards Hamilton and she can be seen following his races very closely and always joining him in celebrations and downfalls.

One aspect that often gets pointed out by F1 fans is the fact that Cullen carries Hamilton’s bags around as the driver travels to different parts of the world through the course of the season.

A video of Cullen carrying Hamilton’s bags went viral a few years ago and it was met by widespread criticism on social media as Cullen seemed to be struggling with the weight of the luggage.

People felt it was insensitive of Hamilton not to help her out as his hands were relatively free.

Cullen, though, defended Hamilton and said that she was merely doing her job and wouldn’t allow Hamilton to carry the bags.

Being her boss, Cullen said that it would go against her ethics to let Hamilton do any of her work.

Cullen was quick to say that she absolutely loves her job and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Cullen’s net worth shows her the salary she earns and it has left a few F1 fans confused as to why she does so much legwork for such a nominal sum, especially considering Hamilton’s deep pockets.

“When my boss offers to carry, I won’t let him, because that would be me not doing my job!” the 48-year-old said.

“In my bags, I carry everything that could be possibly needed for a complete reset on the grid.”

What exactly comes in this grid bag though? In a social media post, Cullen explained what all she carries along with her during race weekends.

She mentioned a spare helmet, baclava, extra gloves and even a radio in her bag.

Apart from this, the bag also contains some extra race kits and a few water bottles that are used by Hamilton over the week.

Hamilton’s love for music means that earpieces and a speaker is also an essential component of his gear.

Apart from this, given the dangerous nature of the sport, Cullen also keeps an emergency medical kit in the baggage.

While it goes without saying that many of these things are available at the Mercedes paddock, Cullen insists that it is imperative that she still carries Hamilton’s personal gear with her at all times.

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