Angela Cullen puts Lewis Hamilton through harsh ice cold therapy routine to propel longevity in F1

Formula 1 drivers have to go through some of the most gruelling fitness regimes to stay at the top of their games.

Not only does it mean that they need to spend a considerable amount of time training their bodies, it also entails being nurtured and doctored by some of the finest support staff in the business.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been proficient ever since he entered the pinnacle of motorsport racing.

The Stevenage-born driver has seven world championships to his name, tied with the iconic Michael Schumacher.

Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen. Credit:
Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen. Credit:

While Hamilton’s natural ability and practice have gone a long way in achieving this success, he also has his personal assistant Angela Cullen to thank for his high performance levels.

Cullen first worked with Hamilton as a physiotherapist but has since then become his personal assistant.

Cullen has served the role of performance coach for Hamilton since 2016 and has recently introduced a new regime to aid in the recovery process for Lewis between races.

She shared this in a social media post where Hamilton was seen training in sub-zero temperatures. The process Cullen is relying on here is known as Whole Body Cryotherapy.

“We take rest and recovery seriously .. particularly during these triple headers to turn around after an intense race weekend and be ready for Thursday to start the next one,” Cullen wrote on Instagram.

Angela described how the therapy would be helpful in accentuating the blood circulation and oxygen flow for soft tissue healing.

Cryotherapy has 7 health benefits, as mentioned by Cullen.

Pain relief and muscle healing

Weight loss

Reduced inflammation

Preventing dementia

Reducing anxiety and depression

Improving symptoms of eczema

Treating migraine headaches

Hamilton will be open to all types of experimental therapy as he looks to atone for what was a disappointing 2022 campaign.

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