Angela Cullen drops pro-Mercedes hint to prove loyalty despite Lewis Hamilton heartbreak

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen shared an extremely close bond, both professionally and personally for the duration of her stay in F1. Starting off as his physiotherapist, Cullen soon established her importance in Hamilton’s life and made the way up to being his personal assistant, a job that entailed plenty of different responsibilities.

Angela Cullen. Credit:
Angela Cullen. Credit:

While Hamilton decided to end his association with the Kiwi trainer, it is believed that they are still extremely close and recently even released a non-alcoholic beverage that is believed to be a brainchild of the duo.

Cullen has since spent most of her time in social media wilderness, making only sporadic appearances on Instagram to update her fans about life events.

However, she was recently seen in good spirits during the New Year, which signalled a fresh start for her following what must have been a difficult phase since her professional split with Hamilton.

Now, she has offered a ‘vision of paradise’ in her latest Instagram post, which has a touch of Mercedes magic. Although she seems set to start a ‘new adventure’ imminently, her association with Mercedes remains strong.

Cullen is seen posing with the iconic Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, a symbol of automotive elegance produced between 1954 and 1957. It makes you wonder just how much money she made as Hamilton’s assistant.

A ski rack can be seen on the roof of the car and it only goes to show that even if there was any bitterness post her exit, she has left that well and truly behind.

“Paradise isn’t always tropical,” Cullen wrote as a caption on the Instagram post.

“What’s your little piece of paradise?” she then asked her followers.

While Cullen’s desire to test ‘fresh opportunities’ has been made public by her in another post, there are some fans who wonder if a reunion with Hamilton could still be on the cards, especially based on how lonely he seems to be ever since she made her exit from the F1 grid.

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