Audi awaiting final FIA future blueprint before announcing F1 entry

It looks like Volkswagen has officially given the green light to Audi following a meeting between the supervisory board of the company.

This comes fresh on the heels of news that both Audi and Porsche were in advanced talks to partner up with teams and enter the highest level of motorsport racing.

A report on RacingNews365 claims that it has been in contact with a senior Audi official and the German car brand has finally decided to make its F1 entry official in 2026.

The plans have reportedly reached their final phase of evaluation and Audi is only seeking clarity from FIA over some of the finer points regarding its proposed entry in the sport.

One of the major talking points between the two representative bodies is believed to be the 2026 regulations.

Volkswagen awaiting final confirmation from FIA

F1 cars. Credit:

Volkswagen is awaiting final confirmation on what FIA’s plans are with respect to making it a more financially viable sport to attract more teams.

If the team is convinced by FIA’s proposal, an Audi entry is almost guaranteed in 2026.

While initial rumours had pegged Audi to only join the sport as a partner to an existing team, it is believed that the team is still considering the option of entering on its own.

If it does decide to partner up with an existing team, it has a three-team shortlist.

Williams, McLaren and Sauber are the reported options that the German manufacturer is considering.

Of the three, it is believed that McLaren would be favourites to sign with them if Audi opts for the partnership route.

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